We know there are no shortage of options when it comes to picking a dispensary in Oklahoma, but here at Vertica, we want to be your number one!  We thought we’d let some of our most important V-Team members – from the farm to the dispensary – tell you why Vertica is the top dispensary in Oklahoma, and what sets us apart from the rest!

Phillip Jacobson, Director of Cultivation

At the Vertica farm, our desire is to put mother earth and our patients first.  Every nutrient we use in our feeding program is organic.  We don’t say we are organic just because we grow in cocoa or dirt (like many folks will claim).  We use only organic nutrients in our fertilizer mixes; we clean our facility with OMRI listed cleaners; all of our drip irrigation lines are cleaned out using OMRI listed products too. Our nutrients are powder-based.  Liquid nutrients are mostly water – and they cost more money and fossil fuels to ship to and from. Powder-based nutrients have a smaller carbon footprint.

At the greenhouse, we are able to drastically reduce our carbon footprint as we only need to use grow lights when the sun is insufficient.  As opposed to indoor grows, which use artificial lighting for 12 hours everyday in flower and 18-24 hours everyday in vegetative mode, we will only use lighting when needed.  We have also installed a control system that calculates the incoming solar radiation so we know exactly how much light our plants have received on any given day.  So, if it was sunny out all day, and our plants receive all the light they can use, our system will not turn on the lights even if the time frame for that light was less than 12 hours.  Most grows, even greenhouse grows, will make sure that their plants get 12 hours of light in flowering, if the sun provided enough light in 10 hours that day, there is no need to add another 2 hours of artificial lighting.  Vertica is equipped to implement the energy and carbon savings. 

Vertica also has state-of-the-art irrigation system which is capable of watering only when the plants (or microbes, in our case) need more water.  We do not need to over water our plants just to make sure they are wet, we know exactly how much water is in our plants and are able to derive water savings, and therefore fertilizer savings, as a result.  Everything we do at the farm is with the intention of minimizing our impact on the world around us and maximizing the medical efficacy of our product.

Cody Woodall, Director of Processing

At Vertica, we have the peace of mind knowing precisely where our starting material comes from, allowing us to implement certain standards of quality from seed to sale!

We also have integrity of product; our lab will not compromise quality standards to make easy money. We’ll stand behind our product and transfer the full value of the flower to our customers.

Finally, I think our patient-focused products set us apart from the competition. All of our products are created around and for our patients.

Tommy Griffith, Director of Operations

I think what makes Vertica stand out from the competition is our standards for customer service – they are second to none! We are complimented on our experience versus other dispensaries all of the time. Every budtender who has worked with us at least one month has some sort of  positive review on Weedmaps or Leafly.

Also, our facilities are magnificent; elegant yet comfortable for all shapes, sizes and creeds. It empowers the patient and assures them they are making the right choice by choosing Vertica.

We are the only dispensary I know of that allows the patient to choose the growing medium. Patients love it, and they love that it’s for their benefit! That’s what makes Vertica really unique.