• CBD

    Cannabidiol (CBD) provides a treatment method without psychoactive effects (those affecting mental activity). Follow this path if you’re searching for relief from symptoms such as pain, anxiety, or inflammation without distraction from euphoric effects. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    With a more balanced combination of THC and CBD, these blends produce a specific treatment catered to your needs while benefiting from the entourage effect. This means that CBD Blends combine quantities of several different therapeutic compounds found in cannabis, such as THC and CBD, to give you the best result. Find a way forward with CBD Blends to strategically target relief without the distraction of psychoactive effects. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    Sativa strains are mind-focused and uplift consumers while providing them with focus, clarity, and energy. These strains typically contain a higher THC level than other strain categories and are perfect for daytime use. If you’re searching for relief from symptoms like anxiety and depression or looking to increase your energy, set a course for Sativa. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    While functioning similarly to their Sativa counterparts and containing a similarly high THC level, Sativa Dominant strains contain a more subtle Sativa effect. These strains allow you to thrive during the daytime, increasing your creativity, focus, and clarity. Pave the way for newer, fresher, more creative ideas with Sativa Dominant strains. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    Hybrid strains are created through the combination of multiple Indica or Sativa strains to create heightened desirable effects. Because of this optimized strain creation, users of hybrid strains can minimize undesirable side effects while maximizing relief. Explore this path if you’re searching for the best of both worlds. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    While functioning similarly to their Indica counterparts, Indica Dominant strains contain a more subtle Indica effect. However, THC levels remain high in these Indica Dominant strains. Are you seeking elevated relaxation through increased feelings of euphoria? Choose this path. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    Indica strains are body-focused, creating a heavily relaxed feeling. With a higher CBD level and a higher level of the Myrcene terpene, these strains are highly sedative and often create a “couch-lock” effect for many users. Indica strains are ideal for nighttime use. Discover relief with Indica if you suffer from symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Let Vertica be your guide to relief.


    Phenotype is most simply defined as a living thing’s observable traits or characteristics. In the cannabis plant, this can encompass smell, shape, flavor, and color.

    Vertica’s aquaponically grown cannabis products bring something new to the table in this regard. As a growing method unique to the cannabis industry, Vertica’s products contain unique physical characteristics that elevate the quality of each strain to provide maximum relief. Furthermore, the aquaponic growing style creates a product with unrivaled consistency, providing you with a dependable path to relief.

    With Vertica, you get a high-quality product suited to your needs that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • What is a Cannabinoid?

    Cannabinoids are the natural chemical compounds that make up much of the cannabis plant. These react with receptors in your brain to create the effects that you feel when using cannabis. The combination of a strain’s cannabinoids creates what is known as “The Entourage Effect” and directly effect a user’s experience. THC, the substance primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, is one of the most well-known cannabinoids.

  • What is a Terpenoid?

    Terpenoids are the components of the cannabis plant’s essential oils. These create the aromas and flavors that you associate with your favorite strains. The flavors that are evident in most cannabis strains can range from sour to spicy, bitter, and sweet to savory. This palette further diversifies the multitude of options available to users. Additionally, terpenoids are responsible for some of the healing and therapeutic benefits of certain strains. For instance, certain popular terpenoids can combat symptoms such as inflammation, chronic pain, and insomnia. Let Vertica guide you toward relief.


Medicinal cannabis is not inherently dangerous. However, much like the food we eat, one must be careful to source cannabis from a reputable, and preferably tested source. Cannabis that is sprayed with harmful pesticides is not safe to consume and should not be purchased or consumed in any manner. This point is even more critical when considering extracts. Extracts made from flower sprayed with harmful pesticides are especially dangerous because the pesticide residue is concentrated through the extraction process.

While not chemically addicting, cannabis, like anything can become psychologically addicting to certain people. The withdrawal syndrome for cannabis is mild and short-lived.

It should be noted, however, the growing of cannabis is highly addicting and should only be undertaken by those that are not afraid of hard work, long hours, irregular schedules, and complete and total dedication to the life cycle and needs of the plants.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found inside some cannabis strains.  CBD does not affect the consumer’s state of mind directly. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid found inside some cannabis strains.  THC will affect one’s state of mind, the degree to which that happens is affected by many parameters based upon the user’s body chemistry and the strain’s chemical makeup. CBD can counteract the effects of THC and lessen its effectiveness.  Further, using the right combination of the two cannabinoids is much more medically effective will result in greater efficacy.

The Entourage Effect was first written about in a 1981 paper by J.W. Fairbairn and J.T. Pickens published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. The authors were able to show that “certain fractions of the crude drug exhibit an inhibiting and others a potentiating effect on THC.” Many other studies have shown similar results when comparing various whole-plant extracts to the commercially available drug Marinol, which is a synthetically-derived THC compound. In nearly all cases, whole-plant extracts outperformed THC. The wealth of evidence points to a synergistic effect of the many compounds found in this unique plant all working together to create increased efficacy vs. just concentrating on THC by itself. Each cannabinoid contributes to a different pharmacological effect, so it makes sense that mixing these chemical compounds at varying ratios will change a user’s experience and result.

Vertica uses an aquaponics system to grow cannabis. This system is a closed-loop process that starts with the fish. The fish produce waste, which in turn provides an organic food source for the plants, and the plants naturally filter the water back to the fish. This aquaponics process is the cleanest, greenest, most organic method of cannabis growth. As a result, the end user can rest assured that no harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or plant growth regulators were ever used at any stage. If we did, the fish would die, and the loop would be broken. Vertica protects its customers and the Earth by being greener from the start.