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First Time Weedmaps Orders

Get 20% Off!

First Time Patients
20% OFF!

Shopped with us before?
Bring in a new patient with you on your next visit and you will Both get 20% off your purchase!

Details about Specials

All specials and discounts are eligible one at a time.

They do not stack. 

You will automatically receive the best deal for

the product you are purchasing!


We appreciate our community for choosing to shop with Vertica Dispensaries.
We look forward to being able to continue providing you with the best medicine at great prices, with a smile!


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Happy New Year!

Sticky Distillate Carts

Sour Pebbles | Golden Pineapple | Sunset Sherbet | Blueberry Kush

$18/each or 2 for $32 out the door!

Releaf Labs 2g Live Resin Disposables

Jelly Rancher | Super Silver Haze | Magic Panties | Orange Sherbet | Mango Sherbet 

$40/each or 2 for $70 out the door!


Tribe "Space Debris"
1g Moonrock - Tribe Medley Flower, Bubble Hash, Kief, THCA Isolate

$15/each or 2 for $25 out the door!

Select Aqua Flower

$70 an ounce!


New Year Specials.png
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